Kategory Kontests 2017

Every game at every session of CLUB #350 has a designated category.  The category is normally posted on the club’s display board.  The player who plays the highest scoring word that satisfies the category is designated as the winner of that round, and wins one entry into the monthly cash drawing.    Players earn chances to win the JACKPOT  by winning categories at any of the weekly sessions of Club #350.  A drawing is normally held at the first regular club session each month.  A player does not have to be present at the drawing to win.

August Contenders

Next Drawing - Sept 6

The number of entries is made up of Category Wins + games of 500+

& plays of 100

    1 - Jim Cassidy

    3 - Bruce D’Ambrosio

    2 - Lynn Gunn

    6 - Rachel Knapp

    3 - Amnon Meyers

    3 - David Poder

    2 - David Postal

    1 - Marty Sturgeon

    1 - Fern Trausch