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‘Where opponents always have

                    a good word for one another.’

                    If  you  enjoy  playing  with words . . .

                  If  you enjoy  the fun  in  learning . . .

                If  you are willing to memorize some words that you’ll never, ever use in daily conversation . . .

If  you enjoy tough competition and it’s thrills . . .

If you know that you ‘can do’ anything you work at. . .


There are more than 160,000 words in the OWL2015.

The average person knows about 5% of those words

yet seldom attempts to learn any of the rest. 

Which of these are not words in the OWL2015?

___gjetost    ___vrouw        ___smaragd    ____xyst

If you wait until you are ‘ready’, before coming out to play with us, chances are we will never meet you.

There is a single official word list used in club and tournament play.  Commonly known as the OWL, it standardizes play from Tuscon to Toronto  and  from Temecula  to Tel Aviv.

The OWL is every scrabble player’s bible.  Not sold in book stores.


WARNING !! If you dare develop your scrabble skills and expand your memory, at worst, you may risk losing casual opponents among your friends and family; at best you’ll come off as a word master.

On your learning journey from where you are to the next level, you will fill the nooks and crannies of your brain with need to know scrabble concepts, the likes of stems and hooks and mnemonics.  You’ll become intimate with anagrams and consograms and alphagrams.  You’ll find delight in knowing eight-letter words containing five vowels and the list of all the words that end with ‘...eau’.  Then one day, years from now, you’ll find it unbelievable that you will still be learning new things with every game you play.

There’s no rule that says you have to become obsessed.  But, if you want to

soar with the eagles, you’ll do whatever it takes. 


StoS   Kat  Cl   LWVWS   BUY Th  4V6  Inv  brain  NF  WC

Stat   NW2015   AB  NP  HBA Pen  5V8  WhC SST CH