Scrabble CLUB #350



Gary Moss, Director

‘Where opponents always have

                    a good word for one another.’

     ( On Wednesdays & Thursdays at 6PM )

There is only one official word list used in both club and tournament play.  Commonly known as the OWL, it standardizes play from Tuscon to Toronto  and  from Temecula  to Tel Aviv.

The OWL is every scrabble player’s Bible.  Not sold in book stores.


~ OR ~

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (5th Ed) is available at bookstores and online.

The OWL is an alphabetical list of words that are legal to play and withstand a challenge.  The OWL does not have definition for the entries.

The OSPD5 includes definitions but does not contain ‘naughty words’ and does not contain words longer than 8 letters in length.



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