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I See Myself As A Catalyst


I’m Gary Moss.  I started out as a Teacher (B.S. & M.A. in Education) and that part of me has stayed with me through my assorted working lives.  Once I discovered competitive club scrabble, my energies have been focused on learning the words that exist on The Official Word List for North America, the OWL.  If you are an aficionado, you know that the ‘official list’ is altered from time to time and is overseen by a committee.  Thus, I am always working at updating my learning tools to stay currant.

I’ve been directing multiple scrabble clubs since the late 1980’s; I am knowledgable of the official competitive rules and have produced and directed more than 250 sanctioned tournaments over the years.  I am the inventor of WHIZ CARDS (flashcards) which are organized in a wide variety of sets, dedicated to different ways of thinking about words.  The list of learning tools I’ve created is lengthy.  After 30 years I find that many of my tools are still relevant and I tweak them from time to time in my never ending attempt to accommodate you.  I know too well that each of us is different and therefore we all learn in our own unique ways.  I recognize that we can all accomplish that we choose to pursue.  I can only shine a light on the path and my students will or will not choose to do the heavy lifting.  But . . . I know with certainty that YOU CAN!

Persons who wish to go forward may choose to obtain my materials.  Some are linked below.

Others may be interested in enrolling in my online class, Scrabble 101.  CLICK HERE

A Workbook Offer for players like YOU.

“Look at the same thing as everyone else yet think something different”.
- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi