Top Ten Stems   #12

In my humble opinion,

STEMS are the BEST WAY to learn BINGOS.

A STEM is a given set of letters.

Each STEM (set of letters) is ranked in numerical value according to the probability that they will appear in a bingo in your rack of tiles.

There are 100 ranked sets of stems for each kind listed below.

The most popular kinds of STEMS, for the purposes of playing scrabble, include: 

6’s To Make 7’s

6’s To Make 8’s

If you are mathematically inclined, you may have a deeper appreciation for how probability theory dictates the ranking of the STEMS.

If you are like me, and don’t understand a thing I just wrote, just follow blindly and you will amaze yourself by your rise in the ranks by learning stems for success.

I assume that you understand that every time you play a bingo (using all 7 tiles from your rack on a single turn) you earn a 50 point bonus.  STEMS are the pathway to achieving more bingos.

6’s To Make 7’s

(This system was devised many years ago by some of our astute scrabble/mathematician friends, in their effort to identify a place to begin studying that offered the greatest efficiency for their study time.)

•The idea here begins with the fact that during the game you always have 7 tiles on your rack. 

•The tile bag always begins with the same 100 tile with the same distribution: 9 A’s; 2 B’s; 2 C’s, etc.

•There are 155,000+ words in the OWL2.

The 6 Letter Stem with the highest frequency of being a part of 7 Letter Words

is STEM #1:  SATINE.  (satine is not a word)

Now for the ‘Magic of SATINE’.  When you add the letters of the alphabet to the SATINE STEM, one at a time, and shake them up, you get a plethora of bingos.

SATINE + A = entasia;  taenias

SATINE + B = banties; basinet

SATINE + C = acetins; cineast



Why 6’s To Make 8’s ?

Lets say that you had recently worked really hard to learn the 6’s To Make 7’s.  You  are so good, that you can always identify when you have ‘SATINE+A’ on your rack. But one day when you have ‘SATINE+A’ there is no place to play itDRATS !

I hate when that happens.  If you had learned the 6’s To Make 8’s, you would know that ‘SATINE+A’ can play through several letters that may be on the board:

SATINE+A+C = estancia

SATINE+A+F = fantasie

SATINE+A+H = asthenia

SATINE+A+M = amentias;  animates

SATINE+A+R = antisera; ratanies; santeria; seatrain

SATINE+A+S = entasias

SATINE+A+T = astitine; sanitate

SATINE+A+V = sanative

Are you going to learn all this in five weeks?  I don’t think so.

Are you going to know what to study NEXT, when it is appropriate?  I hope so.

“But I don’t know any of those words!” It doesn’t matter.  Most great scrabble players don’t know what those words mean either.  BUT, if you must know what they mean, be my guest and look them up.

Today’s Assignment:

Begin with SATINE 6’s To Make 7’s

Write SATINE + A;  Write the 7 letter bingos;  say the words out loud;  look up their definitions (if you choose);  Write each bingo word 5 times;  close your eyes and see the word;  put tiles on your rack that reflect the combination  (move them around);  put the tiles on the board to spell one of the bingos (then the other);mix up the tiles for SATINE+A

wait 3 minutes and remember the words, write them down.

How did you do?

Remember the words and write them down before you go to sleep tonight.

When you are confident that you know SATINE+A, go to SATINE+B.  Each time that you review, include everything that you have learned up to that point.

**Ongoing assignment:  There are 100 top stems. 

The top 10 stems of the 100 are the most important. 

It could take a year or more to learn the Top 10 Stems. 

Do Not Do The STEMS To The Exclusion Of Other Data !

Integrate the Stems into your study regiment.

The Top 10 Stems