Super-Scrabble Tourney

RE: A new playing field for word knowledge competitions

For about the last 10 or more years there has been a game on the shelves in toy and game stores called SUPER SCRABBLE.

SUPER SCRABBLE differs from the classic game of SCRABBLE in that the board is both longer and wider.  The hot spots on the board are placed differently, and the number of lettered tiles used is doubled, 200 instead of 100.

The skills of word knowledge and strategy are employed by players to achieve the WIN.  The additional spaces on the larger board permits competitors to seek out and play extensions to words already on the board.  One might see the word ‘THOU’ extended to ‘THOUGHT’, then extended to ‘THOUGHTFUL’. then to ‘THOUGHTFULNESSES’.

To date there has never been a sanctioned competition for the game of SUPER SCRABBLE.  Gary Moss, Laguna Woods Village resident and past president of our LWV Scrabble Club, will direct and co-produce the event with Maliha Mahmood, author of the book Word Judge Global, a comprehensive tome of nearly 300,000 words 2 - 21 letters long.

This event will took place on Saturday, January 16 thru Sunday, January 17 (9AM - 4PM) in rooms 2 & 3, adjacent the Village Green Restaurant, at 24112 Moulton Parkway, Laguna Woods, California 92637.  Players each earned a sanctioned rating as a result of their Wins and Cumulative Differential Scores.

Players familiar with the game generally score between 600 - 900 points per game.  Experts’ scores will usually top 1000 points per game.  Each player receives 50 minutes for their portion of playing time, per game.  Time is tracked using chess clocks.  All words played are only legal if the word exists on the official word list currently used in sanctioned for scrabble competitions.  If a player believes his opponent’s play to be phoney, a player may challenge the word or the play.  Any play that is challenged and is in fact ‘phoney’ is removed from the board the it’s player loses their turn.  The tournament consisted of 6 games, 3 game played on each day.  This WAS NOT AN ELIMINATION tournament.  All players who joined were expected to play all 6 games.  Pairings were made by the tournament director, moi, using a system of SWISS PAIRING.  (No two players were rematched in games #2 - #5).  For Game #6 a King-Of-The-Hill matchup occurred where the player in 1st Place plays 2nd Place, 3rd Place plays 4th Place, etc.  The ranking is based on 1) number of wins; 2) cumulative differential scores.

Persons wish additional information may contact Gary Moss at (949) 510-1673  -or-  email:

See Final Results Below:

If you want to participate in a Super-Scrabble Tournament you may be out of luck for a year or so.

This weekend was historic in that the first ever Super-Scrabble Tournament was held within Laguna Woods Village, sponsored through the efforts of

Maliha Mahmood and sanctioned by WGPO (Word Game Players Organization).

The event was a 6 Game, Open competition, with a swiss-pairing format for round 1 thru 5 plus a king-of-the-hill pairing for game 6.

Listed below are the final standings.  More than a dozen players won cash prizes for winning category prizes which were up for grabs during every round.  The category prizes were administered by Sarah Barnes.

A prize of $1 per bingo was awarded for the most bingos played during the 6 games.  Roy Kamen played 31 bingos and won $31.

Cash Prizes were awarded to the top six finishers:

1st Place  -  $400  -  Amnon Meyers  W5   CUM.+1291

2nd Place -  $290  -  Yukiko Loritz      W5   CUM.+ 833

3rd Place -   $220  -  Roy Kamen       W5   CUM.+ 738

4th Place -   $160 -   Tom Singleton   W4   CUM.+ 532

5th Place -   $130 -   Luise Shafritz    W4   CUM.+ 528

6th Place -   $100 -   Gary Moss         W4   CUM.+ 300

7th-Naurlene CantermanW4   CUM.+ 112

8th-Pat ReedW4   CUM.+    2

9th-David PostalW4   CUM. -134

10th-Teresa SchaefferW3   CUM.+ 789

11th-Gretchen CowanW3   CUM.+ 383

12th-Najat ReikesW3   CUM.+ 219

13th-Evelyn DavisW3   CUM.+ 200

14th-Tom TitusW3   CUM.+ 140

15th-Fern TrauschW3   CUM.-   97

16th-Bill LapinskiW3   CUM.- 152

17th-Renee KahnW2.5CUM.+ 122

18th-Pat YarnellW2.5CUM.-    28

19th-Lynn GunnW2   CUM.-    78

20th-Janet GoldsteinW2   CUM.-   181

21st-Nancy DouglasW2   CUM.-  352

22nd-            Maliha MahmoodW2   CUM.-  668

232rd-           Robert AgnewW2   CUM.-  830

24th-Marian MelendezW1   CUM.-  832

25th-Alia MahmoodW0   CUM.-1121

26th-Robert TowryW0   CUM.-1583

And all had a wonderful time.

Maliha Mahmood, Certified Director

Gary Moss, Tournament Director

Amon Meyers - 1st Place

Yukiko 2nd Place

Roy 3rd Place

Tom S. 4th Place

Luise 5th Place

Gary 6th Place