Thursdays at Scrabble Club #350

Weigh In.  What is you intension?

Scrabble Club #350 has been around serving scrabble players just like you since the late 1980s.  I first began running scrabble clubs in south-eastern Michigan, when I lived in the north-western suburbs of Detroit.  We had a number of locations which served as our home: West Bloomfield, Rochester Hills, Farmington Hills, Southfield, and Birmingham.  When I made the move from Michigan to southern California Scrabble Club #350 came along with me.  I’ve been here, in California, going on 20 years. Club #350 has had local homes in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Lake Forest, Newport Beach. Aliso Viejo, and Laguna Woods. 

Each location and session has been planned with you players in mind.

Now, it seems to me that there may be a change in the air.  Over the last 6 months fewer and fewer players have been attending and supporting our Thursday evening sessions.

Through no one’s fault, circumstances change.

Club #350’s current location, within Laguna Woods Village, requires a measurable investment via a rental fee.  Our contract for our space come up for renewal on Monday, August 3.  The full year’s fee is required within 2 weeks.  It seems to me that the lack of interest for playing on Thursdays suggests that I not renew out Thursday Contract.

What Do You Think?  Call me: (949) 510-1673

If a new interest in a Thursday session revives itself in the future, I will search out some other location for that event at a future date.