Whiz Cards


There is a lot to learn.  There are more than 170,000 words on the ‘Official Word List’.  If and when wise players study they will want to do so in an efficient manner.  Enter Whiz Cards.

Whiz Cards helps you study the words with the highest probability and those which will score the greatest number of points.

Introductory Set of Top 3 Stem Sets  ($15 + $3 Shh)

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How do those good players become that good?

Why Whiz Cards

Growing Word Power:    each set of cards focuses on a specific category, helping you study efficiently.

Stems: Scrabble mavens have identifies 100 top sets of letters with the highest probability of being parts of BINGOs.  Whiz Cards are a favorite tool used to master information which helps players achieve higher scores.

Categories: Many players enjoy studying and learning families of words, ie. birds, words that end with ‘eau’, monetary units, words that begin with ‘non’, Yiddish words.  These and more are available on Whiz Cards.

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