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I am Gary Moss, Founder and Director of Club #350 .  I have been directing scrabble clubs and tournaments since 1989.  Directors are versed in the rules of the game; provide local, regional, national, and even international forums providing players an arena to engage in competitions that are uniform and standard from Maine to California, from Florida to Maui, or aboard some cruise ship.

I initiated Club #350 in Michigan (1988) when I resided there, then reestablished Club #350 in Orange County, California in 1998.  Today, Club #350 hosts local club meetings in Orange County on Wednesdays andThursdays.

Club #350 charges a fees to participate in events.  Fees are used for the operational costs: rental of facilities, katagory prizes and other items.

There is no membership fee required to participate at Club #350 events.

As of July 1, 2009:

The fee for play at Club is $5 per session.  A session consists of 4 games.

Fees for other events may vary and are posted in advance on this web site.

Official Club #350 Sessions are conducted in accordance with the Official Rules and Word Lists of NASPA.   At times, Club #350 may engage in doubles tournaments or other activities that are not sanctioned under the NASPA umbrella.  Our fliers and notifications will specify when we are using unorthodox standards.

The equipment that we play with at clubs and tournaments must be in accordance with the standards established by the NASPA.

Equipment is provided by the players, not the club.


We highly suggest that you wait until you are sure that you want to be a regular.  Then consider obtaining the kind of equipment that we use at club:  Custom Boards, Time Clocks, Protiles, etc.  Look around at the kinds of items that others are using. 

When you’re ready to make a purchase, call me for a connection and I’ll help you get the items you desire.

When you come to your first club meeting, just bring something to write with, we’ll provide the rest.

The most important factors that you will need to get over the initial hump in fitting into the group are Passion For The Game of Scrabble, AN ‘I CAN’ Attitude, and Perseverance.

Do Not Expect To Jump In And Win.  Even the very best ‘home’ players will go through a time when they may struggle.  SCRABBLE is much more than a game about words and vocabulary.  Your best 7 Letter Word is worthless without a place to play it.  You will find that our weakest club players stand head and shoulders above some of the best home players.  But, once you know the tricks, you’ll be competing with the best of us.  Did you know that some of the best players in the world are MATH majors?

Is There A Way To Get A Fast Start?

Thanks for asking.

Many players will come week after week and only learn by trial and error or  build their word knowledge when their opponent plays one of those weird scrabble words.  Maybe that’s all they want.  That’s okay.

But, as an educator, I have developed learning tools and lessons to help devoted players get from here to there in short periods of time.  For anyone interested, I have created an online class.  Click Here.

I am also available for One-To-One coaching.

I hope to see to soon at Club #350 soon.



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