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How To Win More Often

No need to pull out your hair or bury your face on the table.  Get the ‘L’ out of your rut.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Make a difference in your approach to becoming a better scrabble player.  Learn about Whiz Cards and do it.

Popular Sets

  1. -2’s to make 3’s

  2. -6’s to make 7’s




    and 97 more

All words  current and legal.


Whiz Cards, pictured below, appear to be flash cards.  But the          thing that makes these cards much more valuable than the average flash card                         is the information on the cards.  Whiz Cards are not random words.                                      Rather, they contain words from high probability lists,                                                              they contain the words from stems on                                                                                     the front side, with the answers on the                                                                                           back side.

You may                                                                                                               choose to save the cash and                                                                                                           create the cards on your own.                                                                                                            That’s fine; but do it.  The                                                                                                         only way that players become                                                                                     competitive scrabble aficionados is by                                                                     making the time to learn the basics.


How do you eat an elephant?


One bite at a time.

Sometimes the ‘whole’ appears to be

overwhelming.  Still, the challenge

requires plowing forward.  At times,

one bite at a time makes things seem


Where should you begin?  Which cards will give you the most

bang for you bucks?

For the answer to that we’ll have to talk.  Call me at (949) 510-1673 for a free 5 minute consultation.  Card sets range in price from $8 and up.

Don’t put this off.  If you do, you may never begin the journey.


A picture is worth a thousand words


The Tool Of Scrabble Champions


Top 3 Sets Of

6’s to 7’s



+$3 shh.


$8 + $1 Shh

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The list of all 100 Stems ranked in the order of high probability.  You’ll want to master the TOP TEN for sure.  Click