2 - 4  Letter  Z’s


Just For The Spell Of It

ADZ        to shape (wood) with an adz (a cutting tool) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

ADZEadz [n -S]

AZANa Muslim call to prayer [n -S]

AZO    containing nitrogen [adj]

AZONa radio-controlled aerial bomb [n -S]

BIZ    business (an occupation, profession, or trade) [n BIZZES]

BIZEbise (a cold wind) [n -S]

BOZOa fellow [n -ZOS]

BUZZto make a vibrating sound [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

CHEZat the home of [prep]

COZ    a cousin (a child of one's aunt or uncle) [n COZES or COZZES]

COZYsnug and comfortable [adj COZIER, COZIEST] : COZILY [adv]

                to attempt to get on friendly terms [v COZIED, COZYING, COZIES]

CZARan emperor or king [n -S]

DAZEto stun (to render senseless or incapable of action) [v DAZED, DAZING,

                DAZES] : DAZEDLY [adv]

DITZa ditsy person [n -ES]

DOZEto sleep lightly [v DOZED, DOZING, DOZES]

DOZYdrowsy (sleepy (ready or inclined to sleep)) [adj DOZIER, DOZIEST]

FAZEto disturb the composure of [v FAZED, FAZING, FAZES]

FEZ    a brimless cap worn by men in the Near East [n FEZES or FEZZES] :

                FEZZED, FEZZY [adj]

FIZ    a hissing or sputtering sound [n FIZZES]

FIZZ    to make a hissing or sputtering sound [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

FOZYtoo ripe (fully developed) [adj -ZIER, -ZIEST]

FRIZ    to frizz (to form into small, tight curls) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

FUTZto spend time aimlessly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

FUZEto fuse (to equip with a fuse (a detonating device)) [v FUZED,

                FUZING, FUZES]

FUZZto become fuzzy (blurry (unclear (clear))) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

GAZEto look intently [v GAZED, GAZING, GAZES]

GEEZjeez (used as a mild oath) [interj]

HAZEto subject to a humiliating initiation [v HAZED, HAZING, HAZES]

HAZYunclear (clean and pure) [adj HAZIER, HAZIEST]

IZARan outer garment worn by Muslim women [n -S]

JAZZto enliven (to make lively (full of energy)) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

JEEZused as a mild oath [interj]

LAZEto pass time lazily [v LAZED, LAZING, LAZES]

LAZYdisinclined toward work or exertion [adj LAZIER, LAZIEST]

                to move or lie lazily [v LAZIED, LAZYING, LAZIES]

LEZ    a lesbian -- an offensive term [n LEZZES]

LUTZa jump in figure skating [n -ES]

MAZEto bewilder (to confuse (to mix up mentally)) [v MAZED, MAZING, MAZES] :

                MAZEDLY [adv]

MAZYfull of confusing turns and passages [adj MAZIER, MAZIEST]

MEZEa Greek or Middle Eastern appetizer [n -S]

MOZOa manual laborer [n -ZOS]

NAZIa type of fascist (an advocate of fascism (an oppressive political system))

                [n -S]

OOZEto flow or leak out slowly [v OOZED, OOZING, OOZES]

OOZYcontaining or resembling soft mud or slime [adj OOZIER, OOZIEST] :

                OOZILY [adv]

ORZOrice-shaped pasta [n -ZOS]

OUZOa Greek liqueur [n -ZOS]

OYEZa cry used to introduce the opening of a court of law [n OYEZES]

PHIZa face or facial expression [n -ES]

PREZa president [n -ES]

PUTZto waste time [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

QUIZto test the knowledge of by asking questions [v QUIZZED,

                QUIZZING, QUIZZES]

RAZEto tear down or demolish [v RAZED, RAZING, RAZES]

RAZZto deride (to ridicule (to make fun of)) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

RITZpretentious display [n -ES]

SIZE    to arrange according to size (physical proportions) [v SIZED, SIZING, SIZES]

SIZYviscid (thick and adhesive) [adj SIZIER, SIZIEST]

SPAZa clumsy, foolish, or incompetent person -- a derogatory term [n SPAZZES]

TZARczar (an emperor or king) [n -S]

WHIZto move with a buzzing or hissing sound [v WHIZZED, WHIZZING, WHIZZES]

WIZ    a very clever or skillful person [n WIZZES or WIZES]

YUTZa stupid, foolish, or ineffectual person [n -ES]

ZA    a pizza (an Italian open pie) [n -S]

ZAG    to turn sharply [v ZAGGED, ZAGGING, ZAGS]

ZAGS    ZAG, to turn sharply [v]

ZANYludicrously comical [adj ZANIER, ZANIEST] : ZANILY [adv]

                a zany person [n -NIES]

ZAP    to kill or destroy instantaneously [v ZAPPED, ZAPPING, ZAPS]

ZAPSZAP, to kill or destroy instantaneously [v]

ZARFa metal holder for a coffee cup [n -S]

ZAS    ZA, a pizza (an Italian open pie) [n]

ZAX    a tool for cutting roof slates [n -ES]

ZEALenthusiastic devotion [n -S]

ZEBUan Asian ox [n -S]

ZED    the letter Z [n -S]

ZEDSZED, the letter Z [n]

ZEE    the letter Z [n -S]

ZEESZEE, the letter Z [n]

ZEINa simple protein [n -S]

ZEK    an inmate in a Soviet labor camp [n -S]

ZEKSZEK, an inmate in a Soviet labor camp [n]

ZEP    a long sandwich [n -S]

ZEPSZEP, a long sandwich [n]

ZERKa grease fitting [n -S]

ZEROto aim at the exact center of a target [v -ED, -ING, -ES or -S]

ZESTto fill with zest (invigorating excitement) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

ZETAa Greek letter [n -S]

ZIG    to turn sharply [v ZIGGED, ZIGGING, ZIGS]

ZIGSZIG, to turn sharply [v]

ZILL    one of a pair of finger cymbals [n -S]

ZIN    a dry red wine [n -S]

ZINCto coat with zinc (a metallic element) [v ZINCED, ZINCING,

                ZINCS or ZINCKED, ZINCKING, ZINCS]

ZINEa magazine (a type of periodical publication) [n -S]

ZINGto move with a high-pitched humming sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]

ZINSZIN, a dry red wine [n]

ZIP    to move with speed and vigor [v ZIPPED, ZIPPING, ZIPS]

ZIPS    ZIP, to move with speed and vigor [v]

ZIT    a pimple (an inflamed swelling of the skin) [n -S]

ZITI    a tubular pasta [n -S]

ZITS    ZIT, a pimple (an inflamed swelling of the skin) [n]

ZOA    ZOON, the whole product of one fertilized egg [n]

ZOEAa larval form of certain crustaceans [n ZOEAE or ZOEAS] : ZOEAL [adj]

ZOICpertaining to animals or animal life [adj]

ZONAa transparent substance surrounding the ovum of mammals [n ZONAE]

ZONEto arrange in zones (areas distinguished from other adjacent areas)

                [v ZONED, ZONING, ZONES]

ZONKto stupefy (to dull the senses of) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

ZOO    a place where animals are kept for public exhibition [n ZOOS]

ZOOMto move with a loud humming sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]

ZOONthe whole product of one fertilized egg [n ZOA or ZOONS] : ZOONAL [adj]

                to zoom (to move with a loud humming sound) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

ZOOSZOO, a place where animals are kept for public exhibition [n]

ZORIa type of sandal [n ZORI or ZORIS]

ZOUKa dance music of the French West Indies [n -S]

ZUZ        an ancient Hebrew silver coin [n ZUZIM]

ZYMEan enzyme (a complex protein) [n -S]

ZZZ    used to suggest the sound of snoring [interj]