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Gary Moss
3367 Punta Alta Laguna Woods, CA 92637

FYI – Scrabble™ was invented in 1931 by New York architect Alfred Mosher Butts.  Since then people have taken on this game as not only fun but as a learning challenge and an effort to gain bragging rights on the volumes of words they can place while creating an edge over their opponents.  Even before my involvement in the game, and becoming an avid player as well as Club and Tournament Director, many individuals have produced learning tools to achieve success. 

I too, have created many tools and although they are not all original they have been developed with some creative thinking to implement them for myself and others to utilize.  It is crucial to state that ideas are thoughts or suggestions that may be used for a course of action.  For me that brings me to the learning tool page,  It is important to note that although not everything I have created is 100% my idea, they all contain 100% of my passion for the game.  If any of the items interest you, I will be more than glad to be of assistance.