If You Are Reading This…

Gary Moss receives 100’s of encounters on this website as well as 100’s of listeners on his podcast. However not knowing who you are can be isolating and lonely. The last ten months have been difficult for the vast majority of us. For Gary, the wizard of words and word paraphernalia this has been a most difficult time. Since the late 80s in the last century (1980) Gary has played Scrabble every day. Scrabble earned him some bread and butter, but it was really his connection with friends, and new acquaintances that created a social circle for him. For those who know Gary, may understand he is not an outdoors person and things like walking, running, lifting weights, or any other form of exercise is not part of his MO. Yet, give him a Scrabble Board and he is in his glory.

Since March and the closing down of social gatherings, Gary has become depleted. Although he has worked to keep his word knowledge growing and to assist you and yours through this time, it is now getting to be more difficult to get motivated. So, on his behalf, I am asking you, as his website editor and his podcast producer please connect with him. Share with him what you want to know, need to know, and would appreciate his guidance on. He just needs a kick in the ASS and you can do it!

Gary is always the motivator and the guide now it is your turn to push him in the right direction. We can all hope and pray that soon the Pandemic will be winding down and Scrabble Clubs will once again open their doors, and one on one Scrabble Games at your home or coffee shop will begin to take place. But until that time we need to lend a hand through social distancing.

Gary Moss
3367 Punta Alta Laguna Woods, CA 92637