Holiday Catalogue 2022

Every Word Name Plaque contains some of the highest scoring official scrabble words composed from the letters within the recipient’s name.  The plaque comes framed, ready to display as a wall hanging or on a desk or table stand.  Please include a middle name; the more letters, the more interesting the list of words.  You may make a color preference.  Questions:  (949) 510-1673.
Framed Name Plaque  –  $29.00 Cash,  Check  or  Pay Pal
Shipping within the USA  –  $10
Local orders may be picked up at                                                                                    scrabble club #350

Sample of a name plaque: _Unframed:

Whiz Cards are FLASHCARDS which support learning 7 & 8 letter words that have the highest probability of showing up in plain sight on your scrabble rack.

WHY ‘7’ Letter Words?  When you make a play using all 7 of the tiles off your rack you will earn a bonus of 60 points for that play.

WHY ‘8’ Letter Words?   At times you will be able to play all of your tiles through some letter already seated on the board.

There are 100 identified STEMS which are frequently recognized and played by top players.  Most novice and intermediate players are very capable of learning to identify and play these stems.  Among the 7-Letter STEMS, Sets #1 – #10 are most valuable.  At a minimum, if you play scrabble regularly you want STEMS Sets 1, 2, and 3.
(Even if  you do not know the words generated on the STEMS these cards will point you in the direction of words to know that will boost your scores.)

Each stem for 7-Letter-Words has 26 cards: A – Z
1 Set-$12;   3 Sets-$25;  5 Sets-$40;  10 Sets-$70
Each stem for 8-Letter-Words has 676 cards: AA – ZZ

Electronic Flashcards.  Available from JFTSOI in a PDF format.  These will work on both PC  and Mac computers.
7 Letter STEMS: 
1 Stem= $6;  3 Sets-$15;  5 Sets-$22.50;  10 Sets=$40;  100 Sets=$300

Whether you are playing scrabble in an NASPA sanctioned club in New York or New Mexico, in a  tournament on a cruise ship or in a director’s home in Palm Springs, CA., the OWL is the standard to adjudicate word challenges.  When you are at a sanctioned club or tournament you will most likely use a computer having the electronic version of the OWL to adjudicate words that are challenged.  The OWL, both hard copy and electronic version, are controlled by NASPA.  NASPA only sells these products to and through its agents.  JFTSOI is in a position to obtain and pass along hard copies of the OWL.  The OWL is not sold in book stores.  If you see anyone selling the OWL, check to see that it is true and updated version before you purchase.

I can purchase the OWL from NASPA for $25 + shipping.  I will sell one of these to you for $40.

The OSPD6 (Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary) is not really complete.  The OSPD6 is missing many ‘naughty words’ which are legal to  play in club and tournament competitions, but are cleansed in order to protect the sensitivities of school age players.

The OSPD6 differs from the OWL in that has definitions for each entry.  The OWL does not have definitions; the OWL is a Word List.  The OSPD6 contains words up to 8 letters long plus their inflections.  The OWL contains legal words at long as 12+ letters long.

As a frequent player you may want to have both.  If you use only the OSPD6 for judging words played, you are not using a complete list of acceptable words.

The OSPD6 is available for purchase at book stores and on  resale sites like Amazon.  BUT be sure that you are purchasing the most current, updated version.

My price for a copy of the OSPD6 is $14 + shipping.   Orders may be picked up locally at Club #350 when preordered via email at:

One way that serious learners sharpen their skills is by looking at things differently.  My Backwards Word List contains all legal words up to 8-Letters-Long.  Each word is alphabetized from right-to-left (last letter-to-first letter), all 170,000+ words.

Using this tool you can easily see words in a different light.  EXAMPLE:  If you want to identify all words that end with ‘ING’ + an ’S’, in my backwards list they all appear in the same place,  When you attempt this search in a standard dictionary you must scan hundreds of pages of entries.  Similarly, you can find words with lesser known endings in order to stump your opponents (CALX,  HOWFF,  STRONGYL)

$30 + shipping

Some players want very specific lists ie. Begins And Ends with ‘DOG’;  Begins with two vowels;  Ends with ‘…INGS’;   Contains the name ‘TOM’;  Heavy with vowels or consonants.

I will create the list you want for a fee of $2 per page.  Unless otherwise specified I will create all lists using the font ‘Rockwell’ at 14pt.  All lists will be printed in black on standard 8.5 x 11 white paper, single sided.

If desired your pages can be laminated @ $2 per page.

See Sample Lists Below.

A HOOK is a single letter, when added to the front or end of a legal scrabble word, creates another legal scrabble word.  Many hooks are well known like the ’S’ at the end of many words, turning a singular into a plural.  But do you know that B+ HUT makes BHUT (a whirlwind);  D+HOW makes DHOW (an Arabian sailing vessel);      S+HERO make SHERO (a woman regarded as a hero). Plus thousands of others.

I’ve compiled more than 100 volumes of word puzzle books which focus on HOOKS.  My puzzles are usually related to the length of words from 2-Letter-Words thru 7-Letter-Words.

What are the Front Hooks?                     What are the Back Hooks?  

There isn’t any silver bullet or magic pill that will make you a stronger scrabble player.  The answer is actually very simple.  Spend time with words and see them from a thousand different angles.  Learning lesser known hooks will bring you higher scores and prompt your opponents to challenge those hooks and lose.  Others will view you for the expert you’ll become and fear your prowess.

I currently have volumes #1 – #10 for 2’s thru 7’s  (60 booklets in all)
These sell for $12 each.  Each volume comes with a self-test sheet.

Each of the Big Counters are available as hard copy WHIZ CARDS and Electronic Whiz Cards.

Electronic flashcards for these words are priced at $15 per 300 in a set.  All sets will be created using a PDF format.  Invest in yourself, study with help from Whiz Cards.


Here’s something that every well-dressed scrabble player will want in their wardrobe.  The tiles guy and gal are welcoming to the people you will meet while inviting them to ‘PLAY MORE SCRABBLE.  The cap comes in Black as pictured below and has a snapping device on the back to adjust the size for snugness.

$15 + $5 for shipping.  Allow 7 – 10 days for US snail-mail.
Pay by Cash, Check payable to JFTSOI, or Paypal:      
snail-mail address:  ℅ Gary Moss, 3367 Punta Alta #3B, Laguna Woods, CA, 92637.

Order via Paypal to the account of 
Then there is equal value knowing lesser known words with uncommon endings.  See the list below of legal words ending with ‘JA’

There are 20 different books in this series (#1 – #20)  of JUMBLES.  These booklets are great to have while waiting for appointments in the doctor’s office, during a solo lunch at a restaurant or in the park, on your nightstand for the times you can’t fall asleep and in the bathroom too.  The last pages in the book provide the answers.  All answers are legal words on the OWL and OSPD6.     They sell for $12 each + $3 shipping. 

Do I have books for you!  You can bet your BIPPY!

No one NEEDS this class.  With that said, some players have risen in the ranks after taking Scrabble 101: The Class.
Participants will agree to accept my challenges every day for 21 Days dealing with every facet of the game of scrabble.  To be most effective all students MUST agree to devote a piece of every day (30 minutes minimal) to the assignments.
Will you become a Scrabble Master after 21 days? NO.  But, the magic number of 21 days is what behavioral scientists identify to be the period which is necessary to establish a habit.  I will guide you step by step, day by day, sharing information you must master to soar in the ranks.
Each daily lesson is self contained and can be repeated an endless number of times.  SPACED REPETITION is the key.

$199 plus an ‘I CAN’ ATTITUDE is required for participation.

When can you begin?  Tomorrow morning.  SCRABBLE 101 happens online.  You will need a computer and an email account.  Call me at (949) 510-1673; tell me why you want to take this class.