It’s Almost Thanksgiving

How does one Show their Thanks?

Is it in the words we utter or spell out on the scrabble board, or is it expressed best in a dazzling gift? (What dazzles one person may not have the same effect on another.)

What a beautiful world we could be living in if we choose to be thankful for what we have.  Some people may have a lot more, and others a lot less, and until we stop looking at the DAZZLE that distorts our view, we will never be satisfied.  Individually we must find that inner feeling that propels us to take a step forward.  If we slip and fall we need someone to help us up so we can take that next step and show our thanks.  

Don’t be selfish in providing a hand to someone who may be in need, and do not hesitate to grab hold of the extended arm.  Picking someone up is the human thing to do, and allowing someone the privilege of assistance maybe all the thanks they need or want.

Use this Thanksgiving as your chance to make a difference.  Start each day with joy, find that little spark that may be hiding inside, and let it be seen through your smile, your eyes, your words, and the extension of your arm and heart.

(Karen KIKI Moss Hale – editor –