The Obstacles of 2020

I encourage everyone to take a moment each week and read the Blogs written by Gary Moss (JFTSOI). A year ago (2019), Gary ventured out on his 77 Sunset Trip. Through Blogs, and Podcasts he shared his experience and his CAN DO/WILL DO attitude. Although he may be using SCRABBLE Words as his bait to reel you in, he is living each day pursuing his passion. Can you say the same?

Even if you are not a competitive SCRABBLE player the words that develop into sentences with meaning may help you in your daily pursuits of becoming the best version of YOU. 2020 has placed numerous obstacles in our path. However, just as important it is to VOTE in November, it is just important for you to get through these times despite the Pandemic, Global Warming causing weather hazards, and unemployment due to Pandemic and more!</p>

We must have a can do it attitude and if you need a push come back to this website for a Kick in the Ass Moment!