Be the Person You Want 2 Be

Every day is like a new beginning.  We have the opportunity to make choices (and we do) but what if you started each day being mindful of the opportunities that are in front of you, this is when you can make a choice.  

When you play Scrabble™, you have the choice to prepare and learn WORDS that others’ may not know and because you learned the twos, the threes, and hooks and more, you can choose to be a Winner.

Check out welcome JFTSOI and all who follow this website to check out the various podcasts that help each one of us face our challenges and become the person we want 2 be.

Do you want to learn more words and be a contender at Scrabble™ Club?  You can do this on your own or you can hire a coach to guide you on this journey.  It’s never too late and the knowledge you will gain may empower you not just at club but also in various other paths you travel.

Amongst many hats that Gary Moss has worn he has been coaching individuals to become the advanced player that they chose to be.  Check out Scrabble™ 101. (

Are you looking to make a change but you aren’t sure where to start?  Have you always wanted to ‘something’ but have backed-off due to insecurities (yours or the influence of others), that may be guiding you away from your PASSION.  

Do you need direction or guidance in your life – the answer my friends is YES – we all do!

We all wish we were more than what we are and for some that can be life-threaten thought process.  Even if we grasp on to the dream and hold it – it may melt and then the feelings/thoughts of not having that  thing or person may result in self negative insults.  (Now tell me how that works?  It doesn’t!)

If you are looking for a SCRABBLE™ Coach Gary Moss ( is one of the best –



If you  need someone to assist you with everyday life issues,  career, family, and or loss please contact Karen (