7 September 2021 The Laguna Woods Village Scrabble Club. We play every Monday at 1 PM in Clubhouse #5. Anyone wishing to play with us can simply call me at (949) 510-1673 to attain a PASS through the gate. The only Mondays that we close are when Christmas Day -or- New Year’s Day fall on Monday. Our current director is Barbara Sanchez. The average attendance is about 30 players. This club was one of the very first NSA-sanctioned Scrabble Clubs in 1970. The organizer of the club was Geraldine Wenk who passed in the early 2000s. Many famous players were part of this club over the years including Mr. 770, Mark Landsburg. Mark and I co-directed the first National Senior Scrabble Tournament in the early 2000s.

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Whereas COVID-19 is fading… Scrabblle is returning to Laguna Woods Village

And whereas I stood in line this morning in Laguna Woods Village to secure a room in which our SCRABBLE CLUB #350 may resume playing our favorite word game . . .
And in spite of the very, very, very short notice I am providing to YOU . . .
from 6PM – 9:30PM
Located at: 24232 Calle Aragon, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 (In Dining Room #2)
Enter Gate #1 off EL TORO ROAD (between Moulton Pkwy & Poseo de Valencia\
The word source that we will use is the newest word list published and sold from NASPA (a hard copy)
Anyone showing up early will find a community room adjacent to Dining Room #2.
We MUST cleanup our mess and be gone no later than 10-PM
Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources.
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Scrabble is a trademark


I signed up to play at the WINTER WONDERLAND of WORDS scrabble tournament on Sunday, December 8, in Long Beach, CA.  Join me.
Earn a rating from WGPO.  See you there.

Maliha Mendoza Mahmood Super Scrabble Club
Hello super scrabble enthusiasts,
Limited seats are available.  Past regulars have first dibs to play.
Yuki and I are pleased to announce the resumption of the Super Scrabble Club promoted by our dear friend Maliha Mahmood.  The club will be known as Maliha Mendoza Mahmood Super Scrabble Club, or MMMSSC for short.
Where:  Original Mike’s Restaurant 100 S. Main St., Santa Ana, CA 92701
When:    Every third Thursday of the month 1pm to 8pm (dinner from 5pm to 6pm)
We all know that running the club will not be the same as when Maliha did it.  Her generosity and dedication are unparalleled!  Hence, we would like to point out the following:
First – Each player must buy dinner at the MMMSSC venue.  You may check out the menu at Original Mike’s menu – Santa Ana CA 92701 – (714) 550-7764
Second – There will be a $2 contribution to be collected from every player at club meetings.  The collection will start in January 2020, which means that playing this month and next month will be free.
Third – A prize will be awarded for each category word played every month and for the year-to-date average number of bingo words at the end of the year.  These words must be officially acceptable to be counted towards a prize.  Categories will be made known beforehand, but no examples will be given.  The categories for this month will be a surprise, though.  And please take note that the prizes will be nowhere near to what our benevolent Maliha had been giving out.
Fourth – We have 10 super scrabble sets at our disposal.  No one will be a permanent owner of a set as the sets will be rotated among all players accordingly.  Two sets, however, will stay with and be taken care of by Yuki and me.  The other 8 sets will be assigned to the first “caretakers”, namely, Gretchen Cowan, Lynn Gunn, Bill Lapinski, Amnon Meyers, Gary Moss, Najat Reikes, Renee Kahn and Don Platt.
Fifth – Announcements for the next club meeting will be emailed every second Thursday of the month.  Your intention to attend such meeting must be received by us no later than the following Sunday to allow us time to notify you if you are among the first 20 players to sign up.  If for some reason you change your mind about attending, please let us know within 3 days so we can accommodate other players to take your spot.
Sixth – A randomization formula will be used to determine each player’s opponent for the first game.  For the second and third games, pairings will be determined by the King-of-the-Hill procedure.
Seventh – In every game, players will draw who goes first.
Last but not least – Would you like to have a slice or two of chocolate cake to go with your dinner every month, whenever possible?  Then do tell us your birth month/day so we can celebrate your birthday with some singing … and with some rich calories!  We will even waive your contribution for the month!
Yuki and I look forward to seeing you at our inaugural MMMSSC meeting next Thursday, 11/21/19.
Yours superscrabbly,  Evelyn
P.S. If you want your name removed from the email list, please let us know and we will respectfully do so

It’s time to make plans to compete at the
2020 Scrabble-Thon for Literacy

Saratoga Springs, NY
Gary Moss (brother of Joel Moss aka Mr. Saratoga) will be playing against All Challengers in Saratoga Springs, NY at scheduled times beginning Sunday, September 22 – Wednesday, September 25.  Simply call to arrange your challenge (949) 510-1673.  Games will be played using the official rules and word lists of NASPA (North American Scrabble Players Association).

Stratford Tournament Results for my Division



Pacific Open
A 20 Game NASPA Event
President’s Weekend
February 15 – 17, 2020


Have you ever had ‘SHPILKES?  That’s a Yiddish word that means uneasy to the Nth degree.  You can’t sit still; you’re so uncomfortable; you don’t know what to do to relieve the condition; you feel like you have to get up and go, do something different.

Well, those feelings have been building up in me for some time now.  Life is okay, comfortable, predictable.  I share common health issues with most people my age.  I have enough cash flow to pay my bills and go out for an occasional meal and a movie. Plenty of nearby scrabble clubs and friends fill my leisure time.

But next week I’m turning 77.  Can you spell LATE LIFE CRISIS?  Some thirty years ago you’d often find me on the road from Detroit thru the Windsor tunnel and eastbound to Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, and Oshawa.  In the winters I drove I75 south to Dayton, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Gainsville.  Always heading to some scrabble tournament with a car loaded with scrabble paraphernalia, T-Shirts, and my hand-crafted scrabble learning tools.  Oh the fun, oh the adventures.

One of my newest friends, Derek, one of my co-workers and I have had the opportunity to share our life stories, and it was maybe during one of these sessions that I began to develop ‘shpilkes.’ And so my mind started thinking and planning, and a new adventure took form first as an idea that matured into a plan which will now become a reality when I drive away on the 24th.

Derek is a musical kind of guy, an entertainer, a dancer.  He is as excited for me as I am excited to be going.  Derek named my adventure 77 Sunset Trip.  This adventure may be the last trip of this type that I will initiate.  I hope to visit 13 cities playing scrabble, giving my scrabble talk, ‘The Secrets Of Scrabble Champions,’ and challenging the public to Beat The Champ.

I’m open to invitations to speak at schools, community service groups, libraries, and available for face-to-face coaching and lessons.

I plan to be on the road for six weeks, beginning in Laguna Woods, CA, heading North by Northeast thru Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Detroit, Cleveland, Saratoga Springs, Cincinnati, Nashville, Dallas,  Albuquerque, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and back home.  I’d love to cross paths with you during my adventure.  Call me, and possibly we’ll make it happen.

(949) 510-1673