It’s time to make plans to compete at the
2020 Scrabble-Thon for Literacy

Saratoga Springs, NY
Gary Moss (brother of Joel Moss aka Mr. Saratoga) will be playing against All Challengers in Saratoga Springs, NY at scheduled times beginning Sunday, September 22 – Wednesday, September 25.  Simply call to arrange your challenge (949) 510-1673.  Games will be played using the official rules and word lists of NASPA (North American Scrabble Players Association).

Stratford Tournament Results for my Division

Pacific Open
A 20 Game NASPA Event
President’s Weekend
February 15 – 17, 2020

Have you ever had ‘SHPILKES?  That’s a Yiddish word that means uneasy to the Nth degree.  You can’t sit still; you’re so uncomfortable; you don’t know what to do to relieve the condition; you feel like you have to get up and go, do something different.

Well, those feelings have been building up in me for some time now.  Life is okay, comfortable, predictable.  I share common health issues with most people my age.  I have enough cash flow to pay my bills and go out for an occasional meal and a movie. Plenty of nearby scrabble clubs and friends fill my leisure time.

But next week I’m turning 77.  Can you spell LATE LIFE CRISIS?  Some thirty years ago you’d often find me on the road from Detroit thru the Windsor tunnel and eastbound to Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, and Oshawa.  In the winters I drove I75 south to Dayton, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Gainsville.  Always heading to some scrabble tournament with a car loaded with scrabble paraphernalia, T-Shirts, and my hand-crafted scrabble learning tools.  Oh the fun, oh the adventures.

One of my newest friends, Derek, one of my co-workers and I have had the opportunity to share our life stories, and it was maybe during one of these sessions that I began to develop ‘shpilkes.’ And so my mind started thinking and planning, and a new adventure took form first as an idea that matured into a plan which will now become a reality when I drive away on the 24th.

Derek is a musical kind of guy, an entertainer, a dancer.  He is as excited for me as I am excited to be going.  Derek named my adventure 77 Sunset Trip.  This adventure may be the last trip of this type that I will initiate.  I hope to visit 13 cities playing scrabble, giving my scrabble talk, ‘The Secrets Of Scrabble Champions,’ and challenging the public to Beat The Champ.

I’m open to invitations to speak at schools, community service groups, libraries, and available for face-to-face coaching and lessons.

I plan to be on the road for six weeks, beginning in Laguna Woods, CA, heading North by Northeast thru Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Detroit, Cleveland, Saratoga Springs, Cincinnati, Nashville, Dallas,  Albuquerque, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and back home.  I’d love to cross paths with you during my adventure.  Call me, and possibly we’ll make it happen.

(949) 510-1673