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Check out this page for the learning tools that you may have an interest in for yourself or for a gift.  All these items make nice holiday gifts for teachers as well as students.

ROUND/BLUE with 2 RACKS  $200  9/9/2020

Digital Clock with batteries.  $75 each.
Check out the CAP above ($17 + 3shh) and the T-Shirt below $27 +$3shh
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The Name Plaque below contains many of the highest scoring words using only the letters in the name of the recipiant

The 2’s T-Shirt is now available from JFTSOI ($27 + $3shh).  Order Today.      
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The following booklets are scheduled for release on the following dates:

  1. January 15 All Animals (Jumbles) $12 incl shipping
  2. January 22 What A Difference An ‘A’ Makes (Add A Letter) $12 incl shipping
  3. January 29 Things People Wear (Jumbles) $12 incl shipping
    February 5 Plant, Trees, Shrubs (Jumbles) $12 incl shipping

Learn a few unfamiliar words and stump your opponents at the scrabble table.


This book, All Animals: Better Known, Lesser Known is a word jumble book providing the scrambled names of more animals than you have ever seen, providing you a challenge to unscramble them.  
PRICE:  $15 (including Shipping).  Order via PayPal using our account        #

Whiz Cards – Learn a Word for Scrabble or
Assist your Students and or Children
expand their vocabulary -An excellent gift!