Blogs January – March 2022

23 January 2022
I’ve owned 5 different boats, so far, in my 79 years. They were all different kinds of crafts and provided fun and enjoyment to me and many of my friends.

19 January 2022
Word Lists for YOU

11 January 2022
Sometimes a Picture brings back a memory!
GO BULLDOGS. Ever since Hershel Walker played for them I’ve been a fan.

Georgia 33 – Alabama 18

8 January 2022
What a difference an ‘A’ makes.
Each line below show the alphagram in column 1, the word in column 2, then add an ‘A’ to create a BINGO (a 7 letter word.)

(the fourth line the word is TANKAS & TABBER is N.A.)

7 January 2022
Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and remember…

6 January 2022
Due to popular request I have another set of 3-Letter Words to challenge your knowledge of their meanings. These are all legal scrabble words from the most current OWL.

3 January 2022
Many scrabble players have no idea about the definitions of many of the words they choose to play. But recently I’ve played several players who tell me that they can’t remember words without knowing their definition. Below is a Quiz on some useful 3’s where you match them to their meanings. Have fun.