Learning Tools: Placing Words

Word Placement
When attempting to communicate clearly about location and placement of words on a scrabble board it is most helpful to employ a map-like grid with numbers and letters to idenetify specific places on the board.  The center square, which must be covered by the initial play is designated at H8;  the TWS in the lower righthand corner is O15.  With this understanding in place we can now have full confidence that we are in sync.

The first play of the game can be the most critical for the player who goes first.  Many players simply find any word and slap it down  without consideration of the consequences.  The first play may be placed horizontally or vertically as long as it covers the center square (H8). Most players will play horizontally; playing vertically will sometimes be a distraction for your opponent.

  1. Note that there are DLS (double letter) spots atH4, H12, D8 & L8
    Playing a word of five or more letters long will make it possible for one letter to cover the DLS enabling you to increase your score.
  2. Note the four DLS at G7, I7, G9, & I9.  When you choose your first play, avoid placing a vowel between these ‘Hot Spots’, if possible.  Placing a vowel between these spots gives an advantage to your opponent who may counter with a high point consonant adjacent to the vowel.  
  3. When choosing your play always consider your opponents’ comeback play.  Think one play ahead.

    Your first rack is:
    What word do you play?  Where does the word begin?
    A-E-E-I-N-S-T                       ETESIAN                               F8
    A-E-I N-O-P-S

Learn to make HOOKS!
Learn to make HOOKS a central part of your strategy.  JFTSOI creates and publishes puzzle books each with multiple puzzles like the one below.  The challenge is for you to match front hooks and back hooks to the words provided.  You’re guaranteed to learn new information and other things you may have forgotten.  Make it part of learning the game, and soon you’ll stake fear into the hearts of your club and tournament opponents.

Sub-Anagram Searches
Handy Exercise For Building Scrabble Word Power

The tiles pictured here is typical of a rack you might draw when playing scrabble.  The letters are aligned alphabetically. Believe it or not, there are 126 possible legal scrabble words to be found in this set of letters. How many can you find?

If you enjoy this exercise, JFTSOI offers ten different booklets, each with 100 racks plus the answers to challenge your word knowledge.  When you work on exercises like this you’ll hone your ability to sharpen your skills to see the words hiding on the rack in plain sight.

Each hardcopy booklet of 100 challenges is $6, including shipping & handling.
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I spent the better part of six months recreating a Backwards Scrabble Dictionary containing all the legal 2’s thru 8’s. It is a great study tool. Instead of being alphabetized left to right like every other English dictionary, this one is alphabetized Right-To-Left. Therefore the words having the same endings find themselves grouped. Ex: If using a standard dictionary and you want to see all the words ending in ‘…ING’ which take an ’S’ at the end, you’ll have to peruse the entire tome. With my Backwards Dictionary you find all those words grouped. WARNING ! ! ! This is not a ‘silver bullet.’ You still have to put in some effort, but this will surely help. With 300+ pages, front and back, four columns, this is a serious amount of information. I typed and alphabetized every word. Then I turned it over to my good programmer friend, Amnon Meyers, who did his magic to ensure that there were no typos or misspellings. All words are legal and on the OWL as of August 2019

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