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Rency Biagan of Club #350 won the Novice Division in his first tournament at A Scrabble-Thon in Escondido, CA. to benefit The Literacy Project (3/7/2020).
President Dwight David Eisenhower & 1st Lady Mamie playing scrabble
Derek Fleming
The work above and words below are those from the artist, Terri-Lynn Pellegri.
Can you spell all the items in the composition?

In May of 2019, I had my first LOVE COMPOST photo exhibit to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week, at Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga Springs, NY. It is the city where I grew up, and where I call home. Saratoga Springs is an amazing place, steeped in history, and culture, abundant with gifts of natural beauty and resources. It’s where the healing waters flow. We are fortunate that this a thriving city and has a bountiful amount of restaurants to enjoy. Many visitors share in that enjoyment. We are a destination for dining and a city of consumers and with that comes much food waste. Some restaurants have initiated ways to move their food scraps along the food chain of renewal, without sending them to the landfill. Others may be curious and want to do more, but don’t have a solution. As a community, we are working on alternative ways for more people to compost. We are a model city in many ways, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be a model city for composting. As a way to approach restaurants and businesses to engage them in the conversation of composting, it was suggested to me to photograph those restaurants and businesses that already do, and celebrate their efforts! That’s when I began creating COMPOSiTions using their own compost to create art… a composition that identifies them or reflects their business. Four Seasons Natural Foods Cafe was one of the first that I created. I dug into their compost bucket pulled out some kale stalks, peppers, rice noodles and recreated their logo with their own compost. Owner, Rich Frank loved it and asked if I would have a LOVE COMPOST show at Four Seasons. It’s such a great space with so much natural light. I’m so honored to be there. Please join me on January 30, for an artist’s opening. All art will be for sale with a portion of the proceeds donated to Sustainable Saratoga. 
LOVE COMPOST is on view now through March 31, 2020. 

My latest Word Book Puzzles
(scrambled animals)

December 2020 Family Day at the
San Diego Zoo
Hannukah (Gary) Harry

How do YOU define CATFISH? CAT Fish?
That’s me playing Alan Kait, in Game #1. I won without a blank or a bingo.
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Me and My son Martin at Blueberry Hill in Las Vegas
The Grand Canyon
Gary “The Wandering Maven”
Lubbock, TX 10/2/19
Scrabble Club
Lubbock, TX.
Mary Rhoades, Club Director
Euless, Texas
Euless, Texas Club
Scrabble Club in Nashville, TN
Sunday Scrabble Club in Nashville, TN
Is that Gary or Nanook of the North?
Open Mike
at Cafe Lena 9/25/19
My bro Joel and the lovely TL (my sister in law)
at breakfast on 9/25/19
in Saratoga Springs, NY
Mineral Baths & Massage
Roosevelt SPA

Saratoga Springs, NY
Yaddo Mansion
Saratoga Springs, NY
Jerry’s Party #3 9/21/19
Jerry’s Party #2 9/21/19
Jerry’s Party in Buffalo #1 9/21/19
Jerry Scheiten vs Dave Leonard
The churning Niagra River from the River Walk 9/19/19
The mighty Niagra Falls as seen from Ontario
NASPA Club in Buffalo, NY on 9/19/19
Me with Jerry Scheiten Buffalo, NY 9/19/19
The RIVERWALK at Niagra Fall gives you the full sense of the raging waters. A WOW!
My buddy Barry Spinner viewing Hamilton, ON – Toronto in the distance
Barbara Gittleman, husband Ted Gittleman and granddaughter Rylee
Huntington Woods, Michigan 9/13/19
Gary with Walter Konicki at the tournament in Independence, OH on 9/10/19
My sister Karen, her husband Rich and son Alex
Grandson Wylie, Daughter Sue, and The Wandering Maven

Daughter Sue, Granddaughter Haley, and Mavin Me
Carol’s Club  (L to Rt)  David Ross, Carol Ravichandran, me, Chuck Armstrong
Son-in-law Dan, Granddaughter Amanda, Daughter Stacy
Maliha’s Scrabble Legacy
Las Vegas 8_27_19
Salt Lake City 8_28_19