2020 Some new Looks

January 1, 2020, the beginning of a new day, month, year, and decade. With that comes a few changes. If you look at the menu structure of this website, we have started a new page for the 2020 Blogs. You can still peruse through the 2019 writings, and we recommend that you do as you reacquaint yourself with some of the knowledge that Gary Moss shares on this site.
I began working with Gary on this website in August 2019. Before that time, he had successfully created a website through APPLE software, which is no longer available and supported (that’s the technology for you.) He asked me for some guidance, and I chose to come on board to design and maintain this website and grow the business of newclevelandradio.net
I don’t have to tell you that our form of communication has drastically changed in the last 20 years, and even more so over the previous 50. Yet, many of us Baby Boomers and offsprings of the Boomers continually challenging themselves to keep up with the world before it spins out of control. 
One thing has not changed, and that is the use of words, whether they are written, spoken, or placed on a game board like Scrabble™. I want to encourage you to use your words this year to become part of a welcoming society. If Scrabble™ Clubs can be friendly and welcoming to all, we should be able to carry over this humanity outside of the game as well. Let us be an example for others and use our words wisely. Let’s create a BINGO of HUMAN KINDNESS.

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