Words used to share…

Thank you for following JFTSOI. Gary Moss has been in the Scrabble™ world for almost 30 years, and before that always shared his love of words with friends and family. Like his father and paternal grandfather, he began writing at an early age both in prose and other literary forms. I am proud to be working with him on his website and being the first in line to engulf his writing that might be about the game of Scrabble™ but is so much more about living life to the fullest.
Gary, like you and I, have journeyed through life experiencing good, bad, and mediocre situations. However, despite the ups and downs and the in-betweens, he uses his love and passion for the game to touch others. We often discuss this in his weekly podcasts that when you love something, you need to cherish it and embody the feelings that make you feel good. Allowing the endorphins in your body to surge, when that smile develops across your face, share it with those you know and as well as the stranger you don’t.
Words can cause delight as well as opposing feelings of sadness. When speaking, writing, and using your dialogue to communicate, stop, and hear yourself first. Know it is ok, to say you are sorry, Sorry means:


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